Winetricks’ default prefix location in ubuntu!

(If you already know all about wine/​​prefixes, just skip to the end, that last code­box is what you’re look­ing for.) I (not so) recently switched to almost exclu­sively using Ubuntu, even for gam­ing.  There are a few games that I play that still require win­dows, but not many.  On the off chance that I feel like […]

Video game violence

With the recent spate of extremely vio­lent acts in the news video games have once again come under fire from mis­in­formed author­i­ta­tive par­ties.  They often cite many of the more con­clu­sive stud­ies (a syn­op­sis of which can be found at http://​kotaku​.com/​5​9​7​6​7​8​1​/​2​5​-​v​i​d​e​o​-​g​a​m​e​-​v​i​o​l​e​n​c​e​-​s​t​u​d​i​e​s​-​s​u​m​m​a​r​i​zed ).  Today’s rant focuses on these stud­ies in par­tic­u­lar as they are, in my opin­ion, flawed […]
Taken from flickr, under creative commons license - an atomic bomb blast

The apocalypse, is it already over?

Many are say­ing that the apoc­a­lypse is com­ing, the end times are upon us, and that the world will end on Decem­ber 21, 2012. But what does apoc­a­lypse mean? Accord­ing to Wikipedia, “An apoc­a­lypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apoc­á­lyp­sis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω mean­ing ‘un-​​​​covering’), trans­lated lit­er­ally from Greek refers to a rev­e­la­tion of some­thing hidden, […]
A juggernaut defending a capture point

Tribes: Ascend strategy — Capture and Hold

On it’s offi­cial release, Tribes: Ascend intro­duced a new game mode called “Cap­ture and Hold”, in this game mode play­ers of two teams vie to hold as many cap­ture points for as long as pos­si­ble.   In addi­tion to receiv­ing a point every few sec­onds each point held gives your team spe­cific ben­e­fits.  The points […]

Flash games

Flash games can be fun lit­tle diver­sions through­out the day, espe­cially if you have some time to kill between tasks at work. The prob­lem is that most flash game por­tals are not very picky when it comes to choos­ing the games they post up on their sites, and for every 10 flash games, 9 of […]

Shields in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Images cour­tesy of Zelda Dun­geon Sky­ward Sword offers a large vari­ety of shields, but which is best?  The obvi­ous answer is the “insanely durable” shield from the boss trial offered by the earth dragon, since it will pro­tect you from both fire/​​electricity, AND it will never break, but what if you’re early on in your […]

God game — a scrapped idea

This is a new col­umn about scrapped games.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in game soft­ware devel­op­ment, and I write down ideas for games all day, some of them, like this one, I start look­ing at more seri­ously, and I deter­mine that for what­ever rea­son I should not make this game some­where along the line. […]

Tribes: Ascend strategy — Generators

  The gen­er­a­tor is often viewed as the most impor­tant base asset in Tribes, since it pow­ers all other base assets, tur­rets, sen­sors, and inven­tory sta­tions.  In Tribes: Ascend it also pow­ers all player deploy­ables, but since play­ers spawn in the armor of their choice the inven­tory sta­tions are of much less impor­tance, mak­ing the […]
Sonic, ten characters that shouldn't exist, robotnic, tails, knuckles, and an enemy.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s mistakes

Oh dear lord, WHY! Why is Sonic the Hedge­hog cursed to live in so many awful games!  The fans have made it quite clear what they want, and it’s so sim­ple to deliver, they want Sonic, run­ning fast through roller-​​​​coaster like lev­els, NOTHING MORE.  Sega has decided that this isn’t enough, there has to be […]

Tribes: Ascend strategy — flag chasing

So now you’ve caught up to him, now what? Some­times the eas­i­est thing to do is to hit him with one of your grenades (assum­ing you’re using the default pathfinder grenades), these grenades will knock the flag out of his hands, and if you do it JUST right, you can actu­ally catch it before it even hits the ground
A bedroom in Minecraft

How to make a bed in minecraft

The most likely rea­son you’re here is to find the recipe for a bed in minecraft, in order to save you some time, here it is: 3 wool, and 3 wooden planks placed as such: It used to be that mon­sters could wake you up if there was a dark space any­where within two spaces of […]
Tribes Ascend Screenshot

Tribes: Ascend review — free online fps

Tribes: Ascend is the lat­est offer­ing from Hi-​​​​Rez stu­dios, the game is still in beta at time of writ­ing — so any­thing might change; and this is really more of a pre­view than a review.  Tribes: Ascend is a much-​​​​anticipated revival of the Tribes fran­chise.  The game will be free to play, Hi-​​​​Rez Stu­dios will […]