Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Cute is the name of the game! Kirby takes on a new form in this action plat­former, the tit­u­lar pink puff­ball has been trans­formed into… Yarn.  Kirby’s sig­na­ture hoover­ing skills are ren­dered use­less in his yarn-​​​​like state, caus­ing the air to flow straight through him! (He’s become a mere out­line of his for­mer bulk.)  Fear […]

Casual nerds

This site is for you. Maybe you love Star wars, but don’t know every line of dia­logue, you can quote Shake­speare, but only Mac­beth because they made you read it in high school. You dab­ble in all things nerdy, but you can’t com­pete with the super-​​​​nerds that have spe­cial­ized them­selves to just one cat­e­gory of […]
A "bionic" squirrel

Bionic squirrels

It is unclear where the squir­rels are being held now, but it can be assumed that they are cur­rently being sub­jected to heavy ques­tion­ing from Iran­ian officials.