Team Fortress 2 melee crit rate

After pok­ing around the TF2 wiki for a while I noticed that the crit rate listed for melee weapons says that the max­i­mum they can reach is about 25%; that didn’t seem right to me, so I per­formed a quick test. First I did a con­trol test, swing­ing at the air 100 times, and counting […]
The engineer, playing his guitar

Team Fortress 2 — The Engineer (general strategy)

The engi­neer is often under­es­ti­mated in Team Fortress 2. His shot­gun can be deadly, and the pis­tol can fin­ish off an enemy at range, or dis­cour­age peo­ple from out-​​​​ranging your sen­try.  Now the engi­neer has a lot of fancy tools like mini sen­tries, the Fron­tier Jus­tice shot­gun (which deals extra dam­age for every kill your […]