The search for the best free mmo

Today the search for the best free MMOs avail­able begins. Every week a new arti­cle will be posted review­ing a free MMOG (mas­sively mul­ti­player online game). It is under­stood that when you’re talk­ing about MMOs you can’t really expe­ri­ence all that it has to offer in just a week, how­ever, since these are free MMOs they will be judged on a dif­fer­ent stan­dard, not only do they need to be able to keep you inter­ested, but they also need to be able to get you inter­ested in the first place. With pay games it’s easy, there’s an invest­ment made; nobody is going to shell out $40, and then $15 for a sub­scrip­tion fee just to play for an hour and decide they don’t like it. When the game is free to play, there is no invest­ment, if the game can’t grab the player in that hour (more real­is­ti­cally within a few min­utes), then that game won’t con­vert that player into a subscriber.

In other words, a review that reviews only the end game of an MMO, or allows the endgame to be a jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for a poor new player expe­ri­ence isn’t doing the per­son read­ing the review any favors, since they will then decide to play the game, and not have any fun at all because the new player expe­ri­ence is cruddy. Each MMO will be given a review of up to 12 hours of play time, the end game will be con­sid­ered as well, but first impres­sions will be weighted heav­ily in the review scores.

Games already due for review include Dun­geons and Drag­ons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Mabinogi, Maple Story, R.O.S.E. Online, Everquest 2, Karos Online, Entropia Uni­verse, Istaria, Loong, and Wiz­ard 101.

Any other sug­ges­tions for free MMOs that need to be included on this list to be reviewed should be posted as com­ments. MMOs receiv­ing a high score in this ini­tial review will later be reviewed in a more in-​​depth fash­ion. The ulti­mate win­ner will be announced in the final arti­cle of this series, and will be a game that offers (with absolutely no mon­e­tary invest­ment from the player) a good new player expe­ri­ence, and deep end game con­tent. Scores will be dinged (heav­ily) if end game con­tent needs to be pur­chased, or you can’t par­tic­i­pate for some rea­son or another with­out spend­ing money, but games will not take a hit merely for hav­ing the option of micro­trans­ac­tions. (they have to make their money some­where, but it shouldn’t be by dan­gling bet­ter game­play in front of you)

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