Casual nerds

This site is for you. Maybe you love Star wars, but don’t know every line of dia­logue, you can quote Shake­speare, but only Mac­beth because they made you read it in high school. You dab­ble in all things nerdy, but you can’t com­pete with the super-​​nerds that have spe­cial­ized them­selves to just one cat­e­gory of nerd-​​dom…

There are many “cat­e­gories” of nerd, you have your basic media types, sci-​​fi, anime/​manga, comic books, fantasy/​roleplay, etc. Then you’ve got your smart guys; sci­en­tists, math­e­mati­cians, engi­neers, and the like, but what about the casual nerd?

Nobody really talks about him/​her much, occa­sion­ally you get referred to as the “know-​​it-​​all” friend due to your amassed gen­eral knowl­edge of any­thing and every­thing, but you just don’t fit in with the usual types of nerds, you can talk about an anime or two, but your anime nerd friend who sits and watches end­less hours of the stuff scoffs at your lack of knowl­edge of the lat­est offer­ings, and you can talk shop with your book­ish buddy for twenty min­utes or so but then he goes off talk­ing about books you never even thought about reading.

Well you’re not alone, this site is for those who know a lit­tle bit about every­thing, but not much about any­thing. There will be reviews of games, anime, elec­tron­ics, but also what I’m going to call “news”, basi­cally posts con­cern­ing recent devel­op­ments that are rel­e­vant to nerds like us, or any­thing we might find inter­est­ing (which really could be anything).

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