The search for the best free mmo — Fiesta!

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Fiesta has been around since 2007; it’s been a free to play MMO from the get-​​go, designed around micro­trans­ac­tions. The game suf­fers a bit from the pay to win issue, with pur­chasable items pro­vid­ing sig­nif­i­cant com­bat boosts, how­ever, it is pos­si­ble to get sim­i­lar boosts with­out pay­ing, but you’ll have to work for them, and they may not last as long. The good news is that it doesn’t appear that these boosts are nec­es­sary for the usual play­ing ses­sion, although very nice, you can usu­ally han­dle any level-​​appropriate fight alone, and there aren’t sig­nif­i­cant exp boosts for try­ing to fight far above your level. The pay-​​to-​​win items would be very ben­e­fi­cial for attempt­ing to take on boss mon­sters alone, though, it would seem they were designed around mul­ti­ple play­ers. The game starts up in a small win­dow, but that’s fix­able with a quick trip to the options menu. Aside from that there were very poor descrip­tions on the class choices in-​​game, I had to look them up on the wiki to decide which one I wanted to play. For instance, the descrip­tion of the mage in-​​game is: “Mages can manip­u­late the forces of the world with the wis­dom of magic.” As you can see, there are no exam­ples of skills a mage can use, his role in a party, or any­thing else you might want to know when mak­ing a class choice. The game is Korean in ori­gin, it sports an anime graph­i­cal theme sim­i­lar to that of other MMOs from the region. Com­bat I’ve found can be spammy at times, classes with the SP to spare sim­ply spam their dam­ag­ing skills as fast as pos­si­ble, although those that don’t have as much SP will tend to rely more on their auto-​​attack strikes. Solo­ing can be fairly slow paced, for some classes the only way to regain hp aside from the pur­chase of potions and such from other play­ers is to rest in their very own mush­room hut. Although very cute, the hut is a fairly slow way to regen­er­ate health and SP. Hav­ing a cleric around makes it far less nec­es­sary to have such a hut though. Every few lev­els you can choose where to place skill points, as well as attribute points. Attrib­utes are what every­one is used to in MMOs, strength, endurance, etc. The skill points, how­ever, are not. In Fiesta you can cus­tomize your indi­vid­ual skills, increas­ing their power, low­er­ing their cost, cooldown, or increas­ing the effect dura­tion where applic­a­ble. This makes every player’s abil­i­ties unique to that per­son. The craft­ing in the game is some­what sim­plis­tic, every char­ac­ter may choose two pro­duc­tion skills from a list of only a few. Click­ing on a cho­sen craft­ing skill brings up a menu; in this menu is a list of things you can make, con­fus­ingly though, it lists even recipes that you don’t know how to make, you have to visit the skill mer­chant, and pur­chase the recipes for var­i­ous items before you can craft them (with in-​​game money that is). Over­all Fiesta is a fine choice for your lim­ited gam­ing time! The game is a fun, fairly stan­dard MMO that is well designed, and not too money-​​hungry. Cre­ate your account for free at http://​fiesta​.out​spark​.com/

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