Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Cute is the name of the game! Kirby takes on a new form in this action plat­former, the tit­u­lar pink puff­ball has been trans­formed into… Yarn.  Kirby’s sig­na­ture hoover­ing skills are ren­dered use­less in his yarn-​​like state, caus­ing the air to flow straight through him! (He’s become a mere out­line of his for­mer bulk.)  Fear not, how­ever, for Kirby is given an equally pow­er­ful abil­ity, he can throw out a strand of yarn to cap­ture, unravel, and spool up var­i­ous ene­mies and objects (also made of yarn).  Dif­fer­ent objects have dif­fer­ent prop­er­ties once cap­tured in this way, some ene­mies and/​or weapons will roll up into a pointy arrow-​​like spool, which can kill mul­ti­ple ene­mies, even those imper­vi­ous to other attacks.  Other such abil­i­ties include a time bomb, enemy seek­ing pro­jec­tiles, and mis­siles.

Kirby is immune to the reaper.  Kirby can­not be killed in the tra­di­tional sense in this title.  The player does not have a finite amount of health, how­ever, when­ever the player is hit, he loses valu­able gems (rhinestones/​sequins, every­thing is cloth-​​themed), which are used to gauge the player’s per­for­mance at the end of the level.  There are also attacks which can make it dif­fi­cult to progress through the level.  For instances, some ene­mies are actu­ally inca­pable of harm­ing Kirby directly, how­ever, they will either get in the way, or may be able to push him around, maybe even off a con­ve­niently located ledge (requir­ing you to find a way back up).

The game isn’t ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult though, it can be com­pleted by an expe­ri­enced gamer very quickly, but chal­lenge isn’t where this game really shines, it’s in the game’s cute­ness.  This has been said by vir­tu­ally every reviewer of the game, what it lacks in chal­lenge, it more than makes up for with cute­ness, even a griz­zled vet­eran won’t be able to resist the charm of this title, it is impos­si­ble to ade­quately describe just how cute it is, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

For those who are really look­ing for some kind of chal­lenge, Kirby isn’t com­pletely with­out it.  You can play sec­tions of var­i­ous lev­els with spe­cific goals by vis­it­ing your “friends” who look very famil­iar (if you’ve played Super Paper Mario).  These chal­lenges vary in dif­fi­culty and goal, you can race to the fin­ish, play hide and seek, bring your friend to the goal, defeat a pre­de­ter­mined num­ber of ene­mies, col­lect a spe­cific num­ber of gems, etc.  There are enough of these to add sig­nif­i­cant replay value to the game as well.

Kirby also has lots of trans­for­ma­tions, where spe­cific por­tions of the game you will play as a Kirby fire-​​truck, UFO, speed-​​buggy, tank, dol­phin, and more.  These are spe­cific por­tions of lev­els designed around the abil­i­ties of those trans­for­ma­tions, some of them even giv­ing a nod to clas­sic shoot em up games from gaming’s early years.  Kirby would have five stars if there was  more of him!  The only real prob­lem with the game is that it’s too short.  After you’ve expe­ri­enced all that Kirby has to offer, you’ll want more!

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn
A combination of the reviewer's bias, and the objective score
Some games are more than the sum of their parts, this cat­e­gory allows the reviewer to reflect that in his over­all rating.
Solid platforming, and fun challenge modes
Every­thing looks as though it was made from cloth, yarn, or other such mate­r­ial, a scrapbooker’s delight!
The sound is everything you expect from Kirby, quality sound effects, and catchy music.
Kirby is pretty lim­ited here, but he does offer up enough for a cou­ple addi­tional playthroughs.
An aver­age of the game­play, sound, graph­ics, and replaya­bil­ity categories.

Note that all scores are rounded to the near­est half-​​star.

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