Team Fortress 2 melee crit rate

Heavy with KGB and critboost effect facing 3 enemies

After pok­ing around the TF2 wiki for a while I noticed that the crit rate listed for melee weapons says that the max­i­mum they can reach is about 25%; that didn’t seem right to me, so I per­formed a quick test. First I did a con­trol test, swing­ing at the air 100 times, and count­ing up the crit swings, I got 14/​100, which is within tol­er­a­ble lev­els for the expected 15% base, in other words, the achieve­ment server I picked wasn’t run­ning any crit mods. I then pro­ceeded to kill bots with the heavy’s mini­gun, quickly get­ting my rolling 20 sec­ond total dam­age up to 800 (or higher) – so that I would have the max crit rate. I started to punch some bots while count­ing crits, but got a warn­ing mes­sage of some kind, so I explained there was a point to what I was doing before restart­ing the test.

(9÷14 on that test, about 64.3%)

So I repeated it again, this time dolling out a full 100 hits, and counted 65 crits, mak­ing the max crit rate around 65%, and sug­gest­ing that melee crits scale more steeply than ranged.

The demo of all this can be found here.


Update: The wiki has since been altered, quot­ing this post as evi­dence!  My quest for TF2 melee crit rate aware­ness is  finally over!

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