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Flash games can be fun lit­tle diver­sions through­out the day, espe­cially if you have some time to kill between tasks at work. The prob­lem is that most flash game por­tals are not very picky when it comes to choos­ing the games they post up on their sites, and for every 10 flash games, 9 of them aren’t any fun. Indeed a quick search for flash game plu­g­ins for word­press will give you mul­ti­tudes of plu­g­ins designed to give you tens of thou­sands of games! Most of these have no method of mak­ing money from them either. These types of plu­g­ins are mere toys. Bionic Squir­rels has under­gone a mas­sive redesign due to the inten­tion of sup­port­ing flash games. We cre­ated a word­press plu­gin designed for hand-​​selecting flash games, and mon­e­tiz­ing them. We like to choose games that are inno­v­a­tive, nos­tal­gic, and over­all not utter crap. Our mis­sion is to help web­site own­ers to mon­e­tize, with­out increas­ing spam. Higher qual­ity con­tent, and less spam. Bionic Squir­rels will pro­duce soft­ware to pro­vide a means to that end. We already started by facil­i­tat­ing a user-​​friendly approach to post­ing Mochi Media flash games to word­press blogs that obvi­ates the need for cherry-​​picking higher qual­ity games, the games are mon­e­tized in that pub­lish­ers receive a per­cent­age of adver­tis­ing rev­enue from the games they post, and the plu­gin enforces google adsense stan­dards for qual­ity by pro­vid­ing a way to eas­ily place ad codes at the rec­om­mended dis­tance from the game.

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