How to make a bed in minecraft

A bedroom in Minecraft

The most likely rea­son you’re here is to find the recipe for a bed in minecraft, in order to save you some time, here it is: 3 wool, and 3 wooden planks placed as such:

minecraft recipe for a bed (3 wool horizontally, 3 wood horizontally underneath)

It used to be that mon­sters could wake you up if there was a dark space any­where within two spaces of the bed, but that’s changed in recent ver­sions, now you can’t sleep if there is a mon­ster within ten spaces of your bed.  I rec­om­mend either dig­ging down ten spaces, and build­ing your bed­room in a bunker (with a lad­der, as pic­tured above), or cre­at­ing an up-​​stairs bed­room to your house.  This will make it so that it’s impos­si­ble for a mon­ster to be within ten spaces of your bed, or at least very unlikely.


Mak­ing the bed is fairly easy, but you’ll want some shears to get the wool, as it’s much faster than hop­ing the sheep drop some when they die.  You can make shears with two iron, with­out even a craft­ing table.  One iron in the bot­tom left, the other in the top right.  Right click­ing on a sheep with shears equipped will pro­duce any­where from 1–4 wool blocks, alter­na­tively you could wan­der into an aban­doned mine with shears equipped, and right-​​click on 12 spider-​​webs, pro­duc­ing 12 strings, which by plac­ing four at a time (in a square) into your craft­ing screen you can pro­duce wool.  Of course this also means you could acquire wool by killing spi­ders as well.  I’m assum­ing you know how to acquire the wood, as this is the sin­gle most basic thing you can do in minecraft with the excep­tion of mov­ing dirt around.


At any rate, you may now place your bed, and right-​​click to sleep in it!  You may only sleep at night, and as men­tioned above, only if there are no mon­sters within ten blocks.  Sleep­ing in a bed will set your respawn posi­tion to that loca­tion, so you will appear there if you should die.  This is very use­ful, par­tic­u­larly if you move around a lot like I do.

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