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The gen­er­a­tor is often viewed as the most impor­tant base asset in Tribes, since it pow­ers all other base assets, tur­rets, sen­sors, and inven­tory sta­tions.  In Tribes: Ascend it also pow­ers all player deploy­ables, but since play­ers spawn in the armor of their choice the inven­tory sta­tions are of much less impor­tance, mak­ing the gen­er­a­tor a much lower pri­or­ity tar­get.  There are times when it’s sim­ply not strate­gi­cally sound to waste any time attack­ing an enemy gen­er­a­tor, and oth­ers when such an attack could mean the dif­fer­ence between vic­tory and defeat.  Sim­i­larly, if the enemy just wants your gen­er­a­tor down, there may be times when it’s bet­ter to just let them do it!  It all depends on the team’s com­po­si­tion and strat­egy.  A team full of jug­ger­nauts, pathfind­ers, and sol­diers prob­a­bly wouldn’t even notice if their gen­er­a­tor was down, on the other hand, doom­bringers, tech­ni­cians, and senti­nals may be rely­ing on the gen­er­a­tor heavily.

The how is pretty easy, sim­ply walk past all of your enemy’s defenses, dodge the mines, destroy the tur­rets, and then use your favorite weapon on their gen­er­a­tor!  Oh wait… Well I pre­fer to go in as a jug­ger­naut myself, the heavy armor pro­tects you from ambush attacks that are quite com­mon indoors, and the mor­tar is so fright­en­ing, few ene­mies will even approach one until it explodes, given that the amount of space is typ­i­cally very lim­ited indoors the explo­sion will still likely hurt and/​or kill them any­way, so it serves a dou­ble pur­pose, it’s both area denial (when fired so that it lands in a door­way will pre­vent play­ers from enter­ing for a few moments, use this when you’re low on health and need time to regen­er­ate), and the more obvi­ous pur­pose, dam­age.  The juggernaut’s spin­fu­sor mkd is an ideal weapon when you have a direct line of sight to your enemy as well.

At any rate, if you really don’t like the direct approach, you could also use the infil­tra­tor class to sneak into the enemy gen­er­a­tor room instead, but what­ever your method, you may want to think twice before you even attempt it, check out your enemy’s flag defenses, are they rely­ing on a lot of tur­rets and force­fields?  If not, tak­ing out their gen­er­a­tor may only serve to remove you from the fight on the sur­face, actu­ally strength­en­ing their defense!  You might instead want to get a few of the defend­ers to chase you away while your flag cap­per makes his run, maybe even make your approach on their gen­er­a­tor REALLY OBVIOUS, so they all go under­ground with you.  Even if that makes your attack on the gen­er­a­tor un-​​successful, it’ll make your teammate’s flag run a lot eas­ier if a large por­tion of their defense is distracted.

Sim­i­larly if you notice an enemy headed for your gen­er­a­tor, you might not want to bother chas­ing him if you really don’t need the gen­er­a­tor for any­thing.  The sen­sor and base tur­rets are very impor­tant, make no mis­take, but a typ­i­cal flag run­ner won’t be stopped by those tur­rets, and leav­ing your flag unguarded would be a mon­u­men­tal mis­take.  If an attacker encoun­ters no resis­tance on the gen­er­a­tor attack, he’s also quite unlikely to stick around, mak­ing a quick repair a few moments later (when he leaves due to bore­dom) very easy for one of your techs.

Of course if there are a lot of deploy­ables on defense, the gen­er­a­tor then becomes far more impor­tant, as tak­ing it out will poke giant holes in the team’s flag defense!  In the end you’ll have to make a judg­ment call on it, of course hav­ing a gen­er­a­tor is always bet­ter than not hav­ing one, but it doesn’t crip­ple teams as much as it did in ear­lier Tribes games where you could only spawned with a few basic weapons if your team didn’t have a gen­er­a­tor.  The choice isn’t as easy as it used to be.

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  1. what is up with all the gen­er­a­tor fratricide?

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