Minimatech is a modpack for Minecraft consisting of mostly tech mods, and a few utility-type mods. The basic idea behind it is to make sure that everything works together in the expected way. Typically tech modpacks include a number of very impressive mods, but they don't really work together, you can't plug one mod's machines into another mod's power system, for instance. The goal of this modpack is to do away with that, and we've been mostly successful there. There are several incompatibilities between mods, and we'll try to reduce them as time goes on. We have permission to redistribute each and every mod in the pack, and wouldn't attempt to if we didn't. The goal is to be as full featured as the famous "Feed The Beast" and "Technik" packs, but again, without too many incompatibilities.

One area where we've run into a lot of trouble is trees. A lot of mods add trees, and also machines that do things to trees, but the trees from one mod don't necessarily work with the machines from another. Once we're fully setup we'll be contacting mod authors to request tree compatibility, and also research the possibility of adding in a mod that will scan the forge dictionary for saplings and register them with any APIs other mods have for such things (if they're not already in there).

Minimatech v1.0.0 is now released! You can find the zipped up MultiMC instance on our Download page.

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