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Flash games

Flash games can be fun lit­tle diver­sions through­out the day, espe­cially if you have some time to kill between tasks at work. The prob­lem is that most flash game por­tals are not very picky when it comes to choos­ing the games they post up on their sites, and for every 10 flash games, 9 of […]
Sonic, ten characters that shouldn't exist, robotnic, tails, knuckles, and an enemy.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s mistakes

Oh dear lord, WHY! Why is Sonic the Hedge­hog cursed to live in so many awful games!  The fans have made it quite clear what they want, and it’s so sim­ple to deliver, they want Sonic, run­ning fast through roller-​​​​coaster like lev­els, NOTHING MORE.  Sega has decided that this isn’t enough, there has to be […]
A "bionic" squirrel

Review scores

Bionic Squir­rels, like many review sites has decided that from this day for­ward it will no longer be using a starred review sys­tem, or pro­vide numeric scor­ing of any kind. It is our belief that the scores get focused on a tad too much, and the actual con­tent of the review is skipped in favor […]

TF2 now free to play forever!

Team Fortress 2 has gone free to play! After months of test­ing out their new “Mann-​​​​Co Store”; devel­oper Valve has finally decided to allow any­one and every­one to play TF2 free of charge! Trad­ing and craft­ing are pro­hib­ited until you spend any amount of money in the Mann-​​​​co store; how­ever this is hardly an issue […]

The search for the best free mmo

Games already due for review include Dun­geons and Drag­ons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Mabinogi, Maple Story, R.O.S.E. Online, Everquest 2, Karos Online, Entropia Uni­verse, Istaria, Loong, and Wiz­ard 101.

Casual nerds

This site is for you. Maybe you love Star wars, but don’t know every line of dia­logue, you can quote Shake­speare, but only Mac­beth because they made you read it in high school. You dab­ble in all things nerdy, but you can’t com­pete with the super-​​​​nerds that have spe­cial­ized them­selves to just one cat­e­gory of […]
A "bionic" squirrel

Bionic squirrels

It is unclear where the squir­rels are being held now, but it can be assumed that they are cur­rently being sub­jected to heavy ques­tion­ing from Iran­ian officials.