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TF2 now free to play forever!

Team Fortress 2 has gone free to play! After months of test­ing out their new “Mann-​​​​Co Store”; devel­oper Valve has finally decided to allow any­one and every­one to play TF2 free of charge! Trad­ing and craft­ing are pro­hib­ited until you spend any amount of money in the Mann-​​​​co store; how­ever this is hardly an issue […]

Team Fortress 2 melee crit rate

After pok­ing around the TF2 wiki for a while I noticed that the crit rate listed for melee weapons says that the max­i­mum they can reach is about 25%; that didn’t seem right to me, so I per­formed a quick test. First I did a con­trol test, swing­ing at the air 100 times, and counting […]